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Co-Active Coaching

As a co-active coach, I know that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. You don't need fixing, and you are immensely capable. There may be some beliefs, habits, or situations that are holding you back from your magnificence.

My agenda for our coaching is to persistently and warmly stick up for your biggest, most authentic self.


Skill Coaching: Executive Function

Executive Function is one way to refer to the things that your frontal lobe does. Broadly speaking, EF has to do with organizing time and space, and directing your attention purposefully. This includes time management, organizing physical space, prioritizing, sequencing, planning, resisting impulses, ignoring distractions to be able to focus on a task, and tracking on goals over a period of time.

Are you pretty high-functioning, but chronically disorganized? Surrounded by clutter? Discouraged when you arrive late to yet another meeting, lose your keys again, or forget to submit those important papers? Baffled and stressed about how to organize your time? I can help.

Are you a high school or college student who's always forgetting your homework assignments, writing papers at the very last minute, binge-drinking coffee and crying at 4 am in frustration that you've done it again? Do you find the nagging of adults tiresome, and want to figure out how to get it all done yourself on time?

I can help you learn your own Executive Function skills profile, develop habits that harness your strengths and work around your weaknesses, and find work-arounds that really work.

You can spend more time doing what you love, less time hassling with your obligations, and feel competent and confident instead of stressed and disorganized. It doesn't have to be so hard.





Options for Coaching

Individual Coaching

Meet weekly; text/email between sessions as appropriate; $300 per month

Meet every other week; text/email between sessions as appropriate; $200 per month

Small-Group Coaching

6 week sessions, $250



6 week sessions, 8 meetings, $499


Should we work together?

Let's find out.

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