Have you lost your mojo?

Do you yearn to laugh easily and often, and find the joy in regular moments? Have you forgotten how to play? Have you lost touch with your emotions and your body’s wisdom?

I can help. Reclaim your capacity for joy, create more emotional range, and lead a more joyful, productive, and satisfying life.


I'm a happy and successful professional co-active coach, educator, and fitness instructor. I believe that joy, play, embodiment, intellectual excitement, and fierce creativity are inextricably linked.

My clients choose me when they yearn for more play, joy, and creativity. They want easier access to their emotions, and more connection with their bodies. They want more satisfying careers, workplaces, and relationships.

My clients work and play hard for the sake of their most audacious goals. They are a diverse group of people who live all over the world, work in a variety of professions, and identify all sorts of ways. They’re motivated, growth-oriented people from all walks of life who become bolder, more insistent, and more wildly creative.

They create extraordinary joy, passion, and fulfillment, starting right where they are. They learn how to revel in their own mischievous flights of fancy, and savor the rewards of their own daring.

They are magnificent. And so are you.

Are you curious about what you could create?

I specialize in joy…

“…because joy is THE most vulnerable emotion we feel. And that’s saying something, given that I study fear and shame. When we feel joy, it is a place of incredible vulnerability. It’s beauty and fragility and deep gratitude and impermanence, all wrapped up in one experience. “ - Brene Brown, Dare to Lead


Powerful Coaching


My coaching is dynamic, growth-oriented, rigorous, playful and irreverent. Expect to laugh, cry, play, put in some work and have some fun, and to become firmly grounded in your own magnificence.

Be ready to discover some non-linear, creative, and surprising insights, as well as some concrete and actionable plans. Expect to transform yourself.

I coach people in a variety of roles and fields. We integrate play, embodiment, emotions, and intellect as guiding principles in each coaching relationship.

I love to work and play with:

  • Coaches, social workers, counselors and non-profit leaders who want to examine their practice, deepen their own resilience, and re-boot their commitment to caring for themselves

  • Business owners, leaders and managers who crave more playfulness in their professional or personal lives, or want to create more exhilarating experiences for their colleagues and customers

  • Entrepreneurs, artists, designers and creatives who want to focus on their own unique vision, keep their edge and relax into security as well

  • Parents, grandparents and caregivers who want to lead their family life with love, clarity, fierce tenderness, and real connection.

  • Educators, school administrators, and leaders who are interested in a career “refresh” or have lost some of their professional mojo

  • Youth and adults who are grappling with executive function skills that get in the way of their leadership abilities. and the parents and families who care about them. Chronic disorganization, procrastination, time management issues, losing important items, trouble finishing projects, and ADD/ADHD, or other attentional issues can undermine the academic or professional achievement that you know you’re capable of, and they can interfere with relationships. For these clients, I can assess your current executive function profile, teach you how to play to your strengths and minimize the impact of your weak areas, and provide sensitive, co-active, strengths-based coaching.

Classes, Workshops, and Events

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Inspired, inspiring weekly classes, exciting special events, and transformative workshops - in my home state of Vermont and all over this beautiful world.

Field Trips and Retreats


Unforgettable travel experiences that allow you to learn deeply, relax, and restore yourself to full-power wholeness.

Connect with other people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds who also want to learn how to use joy, deep play, and embodiment to transform their careers, workplaces, relationships, and lives.

Gorgeous sandy beaches. Lush farms. Vibrant cities. Majestic forests. Remarkable people. Yes.

“Megan brings to her coaching a kind, supportive, encouraging, creative, and positive energy, and her energy is truly contagious! If you find yourself seeking change or if change has found you, I highly recommend this kind of coaching experience.”

- Alaina, Vermont