Coaching Intensives

Ten solid weeks of focus. One high-stakes topic of your choosing.

You'll be amazed what you can create.


Intensives are for:

- exploring specific issues or decisions
- surfacing hidden goals and dreams
- beginning a longer-term coaching process
- deepening your connection to your highest self
- revealing limiting beliefs that hold you back

... taking your A game to A+

When you have something burning that demands your attention, or you’re sick and tired of the stale limiting beliefs that are holding you back, a coaching intensive might be just the thing.

During an intensive, we’ll co-create the space for you to learn, grow, and transform, while committing to take really good care of yourself through the process.

We’ll co-design a creative plan that is both linear and non-linear, including action steps that will push you well out of your comfort zone. This is a coaching engagement that is as demanding as it is rewarding.

Together we’ll stride into the rich, paradoxical space where you’re willing to risk even the boldest maneuvers, and you use subtle and incremental steps too. It’s the paradoxical land that combines the "dyno” and the micro-movement. One moment you might hurl yourself for the next big move because there’s just no other way to get there, and the next, you make a micro-movement, where the slightest rotation changes everything.

We’ll meet every week, and you’ll also devote time, energy, emotion and effort in between sessions. Often we’ll text or email between meetings.

You’ll take imaginative risks, push yourself, and care for your real, whole self. I will be there with you out on the ledge of possibility

An intensive is a crucible for powerful shifts in the way you think, how you roll, and who you give yourself permission to be.

Is it time?