I coach people of all ages, but some of my favorite clients are between 12 and 22 years old.

You can do this.

Why I LOVE coaching young people

I'm a coach, and I'm also a teacher with a master's degree in education and a background in social work. I've spent years talking with young people about their lives and their possibilities. I help clients see and develop their own strengths.

I believe in everyone's innate creativity, energy, and vitality. In a great coaching relationship, you can rediscover joy, clarity, and freedom. You can learn some new skills, figure out some new things about yourself, and learn to relate to your life in a healthier and more positive way.

I can't guarantee happiness or success, but I can show you some tricks that really help. It's super satisfying to help people realize that they are competent and powerful.

*Please note: coaching is not therapy. It's different.*

If your life is an absolute mess and things are getting dangerously out of hand, you need to be talking to someone with a different set of skills. Please take care of yourself by seeing a competent therapist who is a good match for you. Once your therapist clears you to see a coach, we can work together if we both feel it's the right match (and, if you're under 18, your parents/guardians also agree).