Join my fun, supportive, welcoming, and inspiring fitness classes! 

Be prepared to leave with a great big sweaty smile on your face, and maybe a few new besties. I'm known for my high-energy, playful and inclusive teaching style and my sense of humor. My classes are full of an amazing and diverse crew of friendly people.

Dancing together to amazing music with easy-to-follow choreography and no "right way" to do it is a great way to make your life more joyful.

It can also open you up to major breakthroughs in other areas. You might discover on the dance floor that you really don't love your job any more and you're ready for more responsibility. Or that you're ready to care for yourself with healthier meals. Or that you are incredible at belly dance moves - and then your newly discovered sinuous self begins to demand expression.

My classes are suitable for all fitness levels, sizes, and mobility levels. If there are specific moves that just don't work for you right now, feel free to arrive early and we can discuss modifications.

Everyone over 15 is welcome - unless for some reason you want to be hyper-competitive or super perfectionist - in that case, you probably won't be super excited about my classes, because that's just not how we roll.



My weekly Zumba classes are sweaty, beginner-friendly dance fitness classes set to the best Latin and international music. Free your inner Beyonce (and meet your new besties) in a room full of friendly people who love to get down and get sweaty.

Soon you, too, will be bumping Daddy Yankee as you drive down Main Street in Montpelier, and doing body rolls while you pick out your avocados in the produce aisle.

Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm

Saturdays 9:00-10:00 am

Studio Zenith, 50 Main Street

Montpelier, Vermont

Thursdays 7:00-8:00 pm

MSAC, 58 Barre Street Montpelier, Vermont


Montpelier's biggest dance fitness class!

Feel the unmatched energy when our playful, fun dance-fitness community comes together in a room full of 30-50 people.

We small-town Vermonters used to have to travel to Burlington or Essex to get this feeling, but not any more!

We're making it happen right here in Central Vermont. Stay tuned for the next Big Class Event!


Zumba Gold is a fun, friendly, high-energy, low-impact dance fitness class. It’s specifically designed for active older adults, people who are just beginning to exercise (again - or for the very first time!), and anyone who wants a super fun fitness party with Latin and international dance moves - WITHOUT all the jumping, hopping, twisting, and fast choreography changes.

Zumba Gold Chair is the same amazing workout as Gold, but without any standing moves. You dance and work out while sitting in a chair, wheelchair, or on a stability ball!

Gold: Mondays 12-1 pm at MSAC

Gold Chair: Fridays 12-12:45 at MSAC



Family Dance Party

Because if Mama's not know.

Shake your booty on the dance floor with your kids!

Everyone loves a dance party, especially kids! Bring your children (up to age 10) for a 30-minute dance party to your favorite Latin and international music - with no cuss words, and G-rated moves.

Share the freedom you feel when you're dancing! You get your workout, and the kids will either move to the grown-up choreo or do their own thing! Win-win!

Stay tuned for the next date!


Dance Fitness Foundations

90-Minute Workshops: Dance Fitness Style Salsa, Soca/Dancehall, Merengue, Cumbia, Afro-Caribbean, Reggaeton, and more!

Do you secretly want to try a dance fitness class, but you feel nervous or intimidated? Would you prefer to know some of the moves before you come to my Zumba class?

Or are you already a raving dance fitness fan, but you want a deeper understanding of a particular rhythm?

These workshops are for you. Bring your absolute-beginner self, and walk out 90 minutes later with an understanding of the rhythm we're learning, PLUS you'll already know the moves to 2 songs so you can hit the floor with confidence and style!

Check back for the next workshop!


Check back for details on the next session.

Strong by Zumba is a fun, demanding workout that combines high-intensity interval training with body-weight conditioning. Every movement is synced to driving music that lets you push yourself harder than ever.

What does this all mean? An incredible workout that leaves you sweaty, tired, and satisfied - that's what.