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About Megan

I'm a lighthearted, joyful and irreverent coach who is fiercely committed to my clients' growth.

My professional skill set is diverse, including a background in social work and counseling and an M.Ed, licenses to teach several fitness formats, and a passion for exceptional client and colleague relationships.

My coach training is diverse, as well: I have trained as an instructional coach with Elena Aguilar and Jim Knight, and as a professional co-active coach with Co-Active Training Institute (CTI).

As a practicing educator with a deep interest in instructional design, I take learning very seriously... and very playfully. Iā€™m known for my laughter, my adventurousness, and my insistence on fun.

As a fitness instructor, I teach welcoming, inclusive, high-energy classes that leave people fitter, happier, and more connected to each other.

I coach people who are ready to lead their professional practice or their personal lives to the next level and be invigorated by joy, satisfaction, success, hope, and gratitude.

I also coach high-functioning people, including leaders, who have to work hard at organizational skills like time management, organizing physical space, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines. These skills are sometimes collectively referred to as executive function. I help people identify their personal executive function profile and work with them to harness their executive function strengths and improve or manage around their weaknesses.

And one of my most exciting and satisfying specialties is coaching coaches. This grew naturally out of many coach colleagues coming to me to workshop their dilemmas of practice, stuck places, stretches, successes, and vision. In this part of my practice, I coach coaches who want to bridge the gap between where they are as coaches and where they want to be, in service of their clients and the world we all share.

My clients make incredible leaps. They lead their professional and personal lives with confidence and flair.

They become more effective leaders and coaches. They have better relationships. They remember how to play. And they have a lot more fun.


This Is My Office

I coach from my office in Vermont and from my favorite beaches, farms, forests and cities around the world. I also facilitate custom-designed learning experiences and coaching packages, and present at select events. Feel free to get in touch to design a learning experience for you or your team.